As a creative team of photographers, we compose your vision into vibrant images that feature the ‘it-factor.' With top-notch attention to detail, we ensure our focused commitment to deliver the highest-quality of service to your session beginning at our initial consultation until we deliver your gallery presentation. With every step, we have your event covered.


As first generation Romanian-American, and sibling number five – My passion for photography believe it or not developed in my late 20's. Previously, as a paramedic, I supported the wellbeing of others in the most delicate of situations, not knowing it was preparing me with the ability to think quickly on my feet. Being a part of a Paramedic team focused on saving lives, gave me a deep appreciation for the celebration of life. Within months of being gifted my first camera, an opportunity of a lifetime arrived to dive into the deep end of celebrity photography - and I did just that! With suitcases and gear in tote, overnight, I became the official photographer for Mexico’s legendary Juan Gabriel. And, I have never looked back! ~ Robert, Lead Photographer

Our Associate Team

Jenifer - Lead Associate Photographer

Jenifer, our right-hand, second photographer is truly, one of the most caring and compassionate photographers I have been honored to collaborate with. She instinctively strategizes to capture compelling moments, even if it's climbing over an obstacle for the best perspective that will set the image apart. She goes above and beyond to capture the details that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Tadd - P.A., Associate Photographer

Tadd, our outstanding, associate photographer, is not only impeccable behind the lens, but also in the way he serves our team and every client. As a family-man, he is basically a big teddy bear, who brings a servant-heart into every session. When he is not photographing, you will see him a few steps ahead, toting gear for the next scene. He always finds a way to make anything happen.