In 2013 my life changed forever! Grab a shot of espresso, sit back, and enjoy the story of how my photography adventure began.

I started dabbling with photography in December 2011 with my new Canon Rebel XSi which was a wedding gift from my best man, my cousin. Being able to change lenses on a camera was a game changer for me. The unlimited creativity that came with this fascinated me, and when something fascinates me, I need to learn everything there is to know about it! So, I took the plunge and signed up for the photography school of YouTube. After a few months and countless hours, I handed myself a degree in Basic Knowledge and Fundamentals of Photography. I began to photograph every family gathering, birthday celebration, my beautiful wife, Stephanie, whomever and whatever I could, just to put into practice everything I was learning. I proceeded to take the risk every photographer has to take, share my work with the world on social media. At the time, I remember being so critical about every single post, but little did I imagine who would end up seeing my photos and what would come out of it. 

Come August 2013, I get a call from the manager of none other than Mega Latin Artist, Juan Gabriel. His manager tells me Mr. Gabriel came across some images of mine, liked them, and wanted to know if I would join him as his official photographer for his upcoming U.S. tour, Volver. Say what?! I was blown away and could not believe what opportunity had just knocked on my door! After picking my jaw off the floor, and barely thinking, I immediately replied “YES!”. My first official gig with Juan Gabriel was August 30th, 2013 at the Palacio de Bellas Artes (Palace of Fine Arts), a prominent cultural center in Mexico City. Juan Gabriel would be celebrating his career’s 40th Anniversary with a concert, which later became his live recorded album “Mis 40 En Bellas Artes”. The U.S. tour, Volver, was a huge success and March 2014 I officially left my safe and comfortable paramedic job and took a leap of faith into what became my full-time photography career. Becoming Juan Gabriel’s official photographer was such a thrill. Within 4 years I photographed 70+ concerts, some in world famous arenas, traveled across 3 continents, was part of 5 music albums, which won several awards including Latin Grammy’s “Album of the Year”, Billboard Latin Music Award “Tour of the Year”, “Latin Pop Album of the Year”, and the list goes on! Oh yes and I had the privilege of working together with other A-List celebrities such as Marc Anthony, that was just a bonus. I may just write a book someday. To this day I am forever grateful for the opportunity I was blessed with; to work for a true music legend, and all the doors that it has opened for me. Working with such a high-profile artist shaped my professional work ethic and ability to work well and pleasantly in high pressure situations. I have taken these experiences and skills and applied them across the board in my photography career. Myself and my team are always ready for the next challenge and look forward to what the future brings our way.

-Robert Hacman


Album Art Work Captured by Robert Hacman