From hair and make-up until the reception finishes with a loving send off - we are present to capture it all. With full-day coverage, there is no need to worry about hourly rates or running out of time for our services. Each of our Collections include full-day coverage whether it is a six, eight or twelve-hour event. You can enjoy your big day, without any limitations.


As a team with a lead photographer and an associate photographer, and an assistant - we ensure coverage of the bride and groom preparing for the big day, even if they are in different locations. Please note, for events of 250 guests or more, we recommend adding an additional associate photographer to accomplish the best, comprehensive coverage possible.


On average, we capture between 8k-15k images per full-day wedding coverage, give or take, depending on the details of your specific day. In addition, once we return to the office, images are securely backed up. Then we begin the following phases of post-processing to enhance images.

Phase 1 - We preview each image and select the best, qualifying images that will move into Phase 2 of the editing process.

Phase 2 - We carefully narrow the Phase 1 qualifying images into a selection of the 'Top Captures.'

Phase 3 - We import the 'Top Captures' into Adobe Lightroom where each image is reviewed in detail in chronological order. From color correction to cropping to minor blemish removal to custom photoshop techniques, etc. it is all finalized within this phase, and where additional hours of post-processing are focused on. By throughly enhancing each image individually, we promise our 4-8 week editing time frame will be worth the wait!

Phase 4 - Once all the images have been perfected, they will be exported and uploaded to your personal online gallery in hi-resolution. Within the gallery you will have access to order custom prints and products.


You will have full copyrights to the images, which allows you to print and share your gallery as you please. In addition, your images WILL NOT have a watermark, allowing you to enjoy each image without our logo imprinted.


Image post-processing takes between 4-8 weeks and may vary depending on the season. Yet, as mentioned earlier, we promise it is worth the wait. Once images are ready - we will deliver them to you initially via a private web link where you can view, download, print and share images with your family and friends by just sharing the gallery link.


While Collection I is our foundational package, you will find in Collection II and III, additional products and services at a discounted rate as part of a collection versus purchasing them individually at a later time.